Greekgeek's Squidoo Lensblography

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at My Squidoo Lenses



“Lensblography” is my word for a Squidoo lensography done as a blog. Each week I’ll review one of my Squidoo lenses: what it’s about, why I made it, Squidoo awards and stats, and Squidoo tips I’ve learned along the way. This personal blog is not owned by or affiliated with!

I treat Squidoo as a hobby. It’s a place to share my interests and knowledge on topics I care about. I used to post articles like this on my own website, but I love the two-way communication we get with the Squidoo community.

I also enjoy writing tutorials. At the end of the day, I feel useful by knowing I helped people. It means a great deal to me to see those, “Thanks, that really helped!” comments.

And yes, I like to earn money. It’s not my main goal with Squidoo. I’m not going to write articles simply to push products and earn a commission from an affiliate marketing program. But I do showcase favorite books and items related to my topic on the odd chance I might earn an Amazon commission.  (I have also joined, more to be able to use their lovely graphics on my lenses than to earn commissions). So far I’ve used Squidoo earnings to buy presents for others, books for my dissertation, and the Macbook on which I’m writing this blog.

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