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Sixth Lens: Student Bloopers


Student Bloopers: Funny Stuff Kids Write went live on May 9th, 2007 under the less-effective-SEO name, “Student Bloopers: A Connoisseur’s Collection”.

What This Lens is About

It’s my archive of funny, odd, and hilariously wrong statements from students I taught, plus links to other collections of student bloopers.


“Kouroi were created to portray young men and women about the age of puberty to show people in the moment in time at which the mortals were at the same perfection of the gods. Us mortals quickly lose this state of perfection.”

Q: The twins who are credited with founding Rome are…
A: Barbie twins

Why I Made This Lens

Student bloopers are FUNNY! I used to share them on my website. I was originally inspired by a student history of Europe that’s been floating around for decades, a compilation of student mistakes on various exams. It’s a time-honored practice among many teachers to keep a blooper file.

Things I Learned Making This Lens

  • People tend not to contribute to plexos, apart from link plexos.
  • Text plexos don’t take HTML formatting. Or quotes!
  • But plexos are a snazzy way to list random funny things or quotes.
  • The Amazon Spotlight is a really effective way to showcase one item.

Things I DIDN’T Learn Making This Lens

  • If you set a lens to an R-rating (a student had used a four-letter word) no one will EVER FIND IT. This lens languished for years without any traffic before I bleeped the swear word and reset the rating to G.
  • Save the puns and flowery titles for the page’s subtitle. The Title of the page is the link people will click on, so it needs to make clear what the page is about! That’s also important for SEO.
    “Student Bloopers: A Connoisseurs Collection” is an intimidating title. “Student Bloopers: Funny Stuff Kids Write” is more accessible, and includes the keyword “Funny” and “Stuff”. (“Stuff” is a very common search term!)
  • Don’t make it so blinking long no one will read it! Lenses are not newspapers. They’re 1-page pamphlets.

Related Lenses

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Lens Stats and Milestones

As of today: Lensrank #11,288, 10 ratings, 1 favorite, 1088 lifetime visitors. (It’s now getting 30-40 visits a week. Pity I didn’t fix the rating sooner.)
Best lensrank achieved: #3695. Lifetime earnings: $3.49


Student Bloopers: Funny Things Kids Write

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